A performance management system has been established including planning, implementation, test, assessment, feedback and incentives etc in the principle of efficiency as priority and fairness. The performance management system is considered as the transfer system for the strategic target and annual work targets. The performance targets and employees competency are improved continuously through the performance management which highlights the future.

Budgets are prepared in the approach of up to down, down to up and combination of up and down. Two categories of performance indicators i.e. operation and management, have been designed. Performance results shall be measured based on actual product performance. Performance assessment is achieved through the comparison of comparable indicators such as contribution rates and growth rates etc of various departments. The company achieves the consistency between the performance result and incentive orientation through annual post recruitment, monthly and quarterly budget completion analysis, internal satisfaction investigation, and preparation of incentive proposals by leaders in charge and department managers.

Performance management enables the company to reach a consensus on the development strategy: maximize the scale of a single product and seek development in the international circulation. Performance management has promoted the rapid growth of olefins and synthetic fiber raw materials and is creating a management team with global awareness, cooperation spirit and responsibility.

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